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Zoom TV’s Crime & Bollywood – fictionalised series


India’s leading Bollywood based entertainment channel, Zoom Television is launching its first fictionalised series, ‘Crime and Bollywood’, from June 24.

This series will be based the alleged nexus between the underworld and Mumbai’s film industry — the biggest in the world in terms of volume.

The 10-part weekly series will explore the glorification of crime in Bollywood through the eyes of a starlet with silver screen dreams, a rising star son, a gangster trying to monopolise the film industry through extortion and funding big banner movies and an anti-narcotics unit officer wanting to eradicate crime at any cost. It will go on air Thursday onwards.


Pictures of Crime & Bollywood on Zoom TV Launch bash at Saharastar, Mumbai.

Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar.jpg Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar-3.jpg Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar-4.jpg Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar-5.jpg Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar-6.jpg Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar-7.jpg Crime-and-Bollywood-on-Zoom-TV-Launch-bash-at-Saharastar-8.jpg