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Subramanyapuram Movie – a Classical Blockbuster

Once again in the cinema history, Subramanyapuram movie by debutant director Sasikumar has proved that real movies can be made only besed on good story, not the actor.

Subramanyapuram has becomes the classical blockbuster of this season and even sidelined the mega budgeted Dasavatharam in the very third week of its release.

Subramanyapuram Movie Stills,Subramanyapuram Movie Photo

Sasikumar has worked as assistant director with Bala and Ameer, has come out with an engaging experience and recreated the period of 1980s. It is the story about 4 youths growing up in Madurai who due to unemployment is forced by circumstances to turn into killers.

Debutant music director James Vasanthan does add some value to the film. Cinematography by Kathir is one of the strengths of the movie. Cinematographer and the art director have ably captured the look and feel of 80s of Madurai.

Production: Sasi Kumar
Story, screenplay and direction: Sasi Kumar
Cast: Jai, Sasi Kumar, Ganja Karuppu, Swathi, Samudhirakani and many others.
Music: James Vasanthan
Cinematography: Kathir

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