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Sakthi, Sandhya teams in “Mahesh, Saranya Mattum Palar”


Director P.Vasu’s son Sakthi who had made an impressive debut with Thottal Poo Malarum is back. Though the film failed to make any waves in the market, Shakthi?s performance was appreciated well.

Now is doing a different kind of love story with a catchy title “Mahesh, Saranya, Mattum Pallar” (MSMP), directed by a newcomer P.V. Ravi, a former assistant of Lingusamy.

Sandhya plays the heroine, while Keerthi Chawla and Daniel Balaji play important roles. Vidyasagar does the music.

Magesh, Saranya, Matrum Palar( MSMP ) is going to be an unusual love story. In all love stories, there is parental opposition but here the parents support the love affair and the twist in the tale is going to be refreshingly fresh.

Shakthi is longing for a right break.

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