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Pyramid Saimira to modernize 250 screens in South India

According to a company press release – Pyramid Saimira Group (PSTL) , India’s leading entertainment conglomerate has plans to invest Rs. 200 crore towards renovation in the next 18 months Kicks off renovation campaign with Jyothi Theatre in Tamil Nadu.


Pyramid Saimira Group, India’s leading entertainment conglomerate, has announced its plans to renovate 250 theatres in the 4 states of South India, with an investment of Rs. 200 crore over the next 18 months. The first theatre that will be renovated under this initiative is Jyothi Theatre, a single-screen theatre on the outskirts of Chennai.

Mr. P. S. Saminathan, Chairman & Managing Director, Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd, said,

We will be renovating theatres in 100 centres in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of close to Rs. 75 crore. We will extend this renovation initiative to the other states also, with Kerala in November, Andhra Pradesh in December and Karnataka in January. Our objective is to have close to 250 model theatres in the next 18 months across these states. We are looking to invest close to Rs. 200 crore in this infrastructure improvement program, which will offer all cine-viewers in South India, the best movie-viewing experience.

Jyothi Theatre, a single-screen cinema on the outskirts of Chennai, once renovated, will have a seating capacity of 550 seats. The theatre will have an auditorium which can be used as a seminar hall, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. These will include built-in sound systems, permanent lighting facilities, pointers, presentation facilities, video conferencing facilities as well as facilities to project non-film content, including HDTV/ DTH, etc. The theatre will also allow for marriage counseling for prospective brides and grooms.

[ via PSTL Press Release ]

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