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Pyramid Saimira “one reel movement”(ORM)

Pyramid Saimira Theatre’s (PSTL) have planned to encouraging new ideas and fresh talent in film industry. To promote Pyramid Saimira they have launched off-beat movement called the ?one reel movement?(ORM). This is going to be a short film(10 mins long) and it will be shown in all the theaters controlled by them in all over Tamil Nadu.

Even though there is no commercial benefit for the company. Pyramid Saimira will be funding new ORM every month in their theaters.

Pyramid Saimira has over 750 theatres in India (Tamil nadu, Andhra and Karnataka) and forayed into USA (obtained around 23 screens in USA).

First ORM?s will be “Thirumathi James Ippodhu Ena Seyya Vendum?“, directed by Jnani based on a short story by eminent Tamil writer Dilip Kumar, featuring Rohini and theatre artist Neelson, shot by cameraman Dharan.

Welcome move by Pyramid Saimira to encourage new ideas and fresh talent .

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