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Kamal Hassan’s “Marma Yogi” to be produced by Walt Disney


Estimated to cost a whopping Rs 120 crore, Walt Disney Productions will produce Kamal Haasan’s new directorial venture Marma Yogi” (Mystic). Kamal will play the lead role in this film. The film, which is set to become the first Indian feature film produced by Walt Disney Productions , according to information.

The new film will be produced by Walt Disney Productions in collaboration with Bharat Bala who was instrumental in bringing out A.R. Rahman’s patriotic music audio “Vande Mataram”.

Walt Disney wants to expand its operations in the country, it has chosen “Marma Yogi” which will be Kamal Haasan’s fourth directorial venture. It is said to be a period drama, set in the 7 th century. Walt Disney Productions has been showing keen interest in Indian movies, it has also decided to produce Yash Raj?s full- length animated feature named “Roadside Romeo” that has Saif Ali Khan in the lead.

Marma Yogi” was the title of one of MGR’s super-hit films released in 1951, is the first Tamil film to get an “A”certificate. Kamal’s “Sathi Leelavathi” was also the title of an MGR film which was released in 1936.

“Marma Yogi” will be shot in Thailand and the shooting may start next month after Kamal’s visit to US to finalise the deal with Walt Disney Productions.

Other Big names expectedly involved for now are A.R.Rehman, Hema Malini & Asin. Hema Malini worked with Kamal in “Hey Ram”. The film is set to contest with Rajnikanth‘s recently announced film, Robot, in a race to be India’s most expensive film to date.

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