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Billa -1980, promoted “Rajinikanth” to the superstar fame

As Ajith’s Billa is releasing on Novermber 14, here’s a recap of Superstar Rajini’s ‘original’ Billa released in 1980.

Original Billa which released 27 years ago in 1980 introduced a new generation of RajniKanth films. Indeed 1980 was a turning point for Rajnikanth which promoted him to the superstar fame.

In Billa, Rajnikanth reflected Amitabh Bachchan’s role, while Sripriya represneted Zeenat Aman’s role- Directed by R Krishnamurthy who was then called ‘BillaKrishnamurthy after the billa fame.

Plot Outline:

Billa (Rajnikant) is a feared Mafia don in Madras, who is fatally wounded during an encounter with the police. Wanting to uncover Billa’s accomplices, the police commissioner trains a lookalike village bumpkin (also Rajnikant) to pose as Billa and infiltrate the gang.

Here is the Rajinikanth‘s Billa Photos with sripriya

Rajini Billa 1980Rajini Billa 1980 Rajini Billa 1980 Rajini Billa 1980


  • Billa (Rajnikanth) is the leader of an underworld gang. Unlike Amitabh Bachchan in Don, Rajnikanth threw in a so-so performance in dual roles as the bad guy and the good guy.
  • This movie is a remake of Amitabh Bachchan “Don”
  • This is one of the movies that helped Rajinikanth receive a star status.
  • This movie ran for 25 weeks in Chennai and is one of the biggest hits of that year.
  • The song “my name is billa” was a big hit across tamil nadu and people of all age group were mesmerised by this song for a long time.
  • The song “Vethalya Potendi” was also a very big hit at that time.
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  • pavan April 3, 2009, 2:10 pm

    thalaivar always rocks…….

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