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When Shah Rukh Khan interviewed Rajnikanth


Superstar Rajnikanth was responding to questions at the NDTV Indian of the Year Awards in New Delhi on January 17 2008. Shah Rukh Khan posted some questions to Superstar.

NDTV: There is another Badshah in the audience. Shah Rukh wants to ask Rajni a question.

Shah Rukh: What does one do to become Shahenshah, sir?

Rajni: I am telling you, Shah Rukh, you will one day become Shahenshah.

NDTV: Do you want to ask Shah Rukh a question, or say something to him?

Rajni: He is an excellent actor. One thing I like about him is his integrity. He is very serious to promote our Indian sports, like hockey. Hats off to you. I saw that picture, Chak De. I will try to do that kind of a role, Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh: Thank you sir. But I notice that you are just talking about my sports and not my acting. Anyway, God bless you and it is an honour and a wonderful thing to have you here in our midst.

read full interview at rediff.com?

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