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Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai airport

Shah Rukh Khan arrives back in Mumbai from New York after promoting his latest flick My Name Is Khan.


Fox Searchlight is the the worldwide distributors of Shah Rukh and Kajol’s new film, My Name Is Khan. It is the first time Fox Searchlight is distributing a Hindi film.

Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-1.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-2.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-3.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-4.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-5.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-7.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-8.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-9.jpg Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Mumbai-airport-10.jpg