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Aamir Khan is No 1, said Shah Rukh Khan


Here is the piece of interview expert which appeared on rediff…

A few days ago Aamir took a dig at you (Shah Rukh Khan), which you reacted by saying that you are number two…

Aamir is a very dear friend but my wife (Gauri Khan) has warned me that if I say anything funny or strange about him, she will beat me up. She is an ardent Aamir fan.

If he thinks I am number two then it’s a compliment for me. Sorry for the slip of tongue. Having said that we are completely opposite — he is more intellectual and intelligent person while I am more instinctive. We both are Khans and friends, and have great regard for each other. I know his jokes, and he knows mine. He is 100 per cent number one.

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  • rohit March 19, 2008, 12:31 pm

    its good for shahrukh to praise amir …but i think shahrukh and amir are different and best in different spheres of industry….

  • sssoumo November 2, 2009, 8:06 pm

    shah rukh has just showed modesty nothing else. coz he is the best. amir is nothing in compare with shah rukh’s star power & its much more imprtnt than acting.

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