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Stars in Shock at Jackson’s Death

The King of the Pop Michael Jackson died after he suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Holmby Hills, California, and failed to recover even after repeated resuscitation attempts.

IN MEMORY OF Michael Jackson


The whole world joins in mourning the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, here are the commens on his passing,

A R Rahman on Jackson’s Death

I am shocked at the untimely passing away of Michael Jackson, one of the greatest musicians of our time. MJ, for most of our generation was an icon who made uncompromising music. He pushed the milestone of pop music to unbelievable levels
through the 8os and 90s. I am yet to find an artist with that energy, perfection and vision.

I met him personally after the Oscars in Los Angeles and we vibed very well. He said that he loved India and the Indian people. He said he heard good things about me and he was praising the chord progression of Jai Ho’s chorus. He was bursting with energy and told me that every dance move he did, came from his soul and did a five second stunning example. It was like a lightning strike.

He was concerned about developmental issues such as global warming and about wars and its damages to the human community. He asked me to compose a unity anthem on the likes of We are the World for him. I nodded in awe …!

LIFE IS SHORT…! Artists and their art live for ever. Jai Ho, MJ ! We love you for your music, regardless of all the controversies!

– A R Rahman (via rediff)

Prabhu Deva (aka Indian Michael Jackson)

The news of Jackson’s death is too shocking for me to say anything. I cannot recollect the good memories that I have of him now, as I am very sad. Whatever I am today, it is all because of him. I can only think of his music and dance. I am too shocked and sad to say anything more.

– Prabhu Deva

Madonna on Jackson’s Death
I can’t stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever!

My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless.”

– Madonna

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We lost a great entertainer and a pop icon. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Jackson’s family, friends and fans.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Beyonce Knowles

This is such a tragic loss and a terrible day. The incomparable Michael Jackson has made a bigger impact on music than any other artist in the history of music. He was magic. He was what we all strive to be. He will always be the king of pop! Life is not about how many breaths you take, but about how many moments in life that take your breath away. For anyone who has ever seen, felt, or heard his art, we are all honored to have been alive in this generation to experience the magic of Michael Jackson. I love you Michael.

– Beyonce Knowles

Britney Spears

I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I’m devastated he’s gone!

– Britney Spears

Miley Cyrus

Michael Jackson was my inspiration. Love and blessings.

– Miley Cyrus

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