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America’s 10 Worst Dads – Michael Jackson tops

King of Pop Michael Jackson has been voted the worst father in an online survey by Maxim.

The 1980s brought fame and fortune to the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, but with stardom came a barrage of tabloid rumors mixed with Jackson?s own bizarre behavior. British tabloids dubbed him “Wacko Jacko

In naming Jackson the Worst Dad, Maxim writes, “Dangling a baby out of a Berlin hotel window! We’re not sure what’s crazier: Michael’s unique approach to parenting, or the fact that a woman was willing to carry the children of a twice-alleged child molester.”


Here is the list of 10 Worst dad’s in US

1.Michael Jackson
2. Scott Peterson
3. Marvin Gay Sr.
4. Joe Simpson
5. Kurt Cobain
6. Michael Lohan
7. Father Oliver O?Grady
8. Ozzy Osbourne
9. Rick Hilton
10. David Hasselhoff

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  • sonia June 18, 2008, 9:48 am

    R U kiddin me??? MICHAEL JACKSON on the worest dad list? Who the hake voted for this. Do they know how his children live? How he protects them from the public? This is just one of those things that makes me hate AMERICA!!! Yes I said it. IF you havent been in his shoe, then u got NOTHING To talk about. R utellin’ me that MJ Topped Scott Peterson(WHO KILLED HIS OWN CHILD AND WIFE) This is just sick!!! MAY GOD Forgive You, Because I cant!!!

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