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Actress Roja Criticizes Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party

Chiranjeevi’s party Praja Rajyam has come under attack by his former time heroines, actress Roja and Talli Telangana party founder and actress Vijayashanti.


TDP’s women’s wing president actress Roja, another yesteryears heroine who paired with Chiranjeevi in two Telugu films, criticized him severely saying that the megastar had done nothing for the people of the state and has now gone to the weavers for attracting votes.

Chiranjeevi has not reacted yet.

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  • Andhrudu October 7, 2008, 12:01 pm

    Hi I have a quick question to Roja.

    She has been acting as MS. Perfect on TV interviews. I am neither ones fan. But it is becoming very boring of her saying — chiranjeevi has done nothing on his own/ or should have spent his own money and done all the good work. Don’t cash his image…

    My question to Roja,,,, Roja! have you done anything on your own spending your own money>?>? If it is people’s blood and money, then why haven’t you done such charitable work in you Cine Fame years???? why… yes ask yourself (Retrospect yourself here)… stop saying these kind of foolish statements please for the sake of Andhra Padachulu.

    There are lots of people talk about and criticize the one who is doing some good work with jealousy. YOU ARE SUCH A KIND OF PERSON WITH NO SELF-RESPECT AND RESPECT TOWARDS PEOPLE.

    YOU ALSO HAVE MADE LOTS OF MONEY DURING YOUR CINECHARMING YEARS. HAVE YOU DONE ANY SUCH AN EASY (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) CHARITABLE WORK WITH YOUR OWN MONEY AND TIME BEFORE SUCKING UP TDP AND CBN?. You have also made lots of money in movie industry and once you are booted out of industry, then you joined the politics….

    NO. Don’t answer me for that. Answer public in your T.V. interview. If you haven’t done anything— you have no right to say any such things..

    2. You are working as a party member and doing all this good thing. Don’t listen to new parties and be deceived…

    WHO HASN’T TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF TELUGU PEOPLE. YOU HAVE TOO. Haven’t you during your political entry??…Don’t answer me! ANSWER YOURSELF.

    my question to you Roja! as a learned representative of the party, you are saying “” ONE SHOULD HAVE EXPERIENCE BEFORE TAKING UP A JOB”””” IT SOUNDS TO ME YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN OLD-OLD-OLD BUREAUCRAT”. Because, it has been slogans of your brothers, sisters and even yours “HOW CAN ONE HAVE AN EXPERIENCE WITHOUT A CHANCE”.


    I say to you to shut up. I am from S.V University. Don’t give a bullshit that you are a MS. perfect.

    3.. One should not influence people with their image and ask for votes for the party??

    Come on! you just said you need no introduction in Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Haven’t you utilized your image during your political entry and haven’t you promised public you will such and such things?… Then why TDP has lost?…Are you just someone down-to-earth person and people chose you???…NO. it is your Cine Image. ‘HAVE YOU EVER HEARD A RESUME’-OR EVEN BIO-DATA? One’s image is as such. Whether you have done one your own or gathered everybody and done the job united. It only distinguishes between a LEADER AND A WORKER.

    A GOOD WORKER CAN NEVER BE A SUCCESSFUL LEADER WITHOUT LEADERSHIP QUALITIES AND WORK. Simply you don’t have that so you joined TDP and other person has those qualities and is establishing his own party. It is a pinpoint to our present political parties situation as everybody have lost their HOPES and TRUST in these parties.

    You just answered for Madhyapaanam issue that it has to come down from Central Govt., and you will do the best with in your ability. You are so correct on it. But why can’t you be the same Honorable person to say the same thing to a person in front of you regarding suicides and deaths and establishing a committee kind of statements. Are you insecure??

    My comment for the above is : your interview and questions by people is just fake and a “SET UP TO PATCH-WORK YOUR AND YOUR PARTY IMAGE”..

    Finally Roja… Just a food-for-thought for yourself… “TELUGU WOMEN ARE ASHAMED OF YOUR SO-CALLED MS. LITTLE PERFECTION ATTITUDE. ” and it is getting bored.

    Oh, finally! you said there was no problem of Madhyapaanam during TDP/CBN terms?? Oh God help this lade from her Deafness and Blindness that has caused her not to hear or see such issues at that time. You closed your eyes and ears by then. Stop “Sontha-dappu” (RayalaseemaTelugu term for boasting).

    I kindly request this blog host to send these questions and comments to next Roja Interview on TV.



  • ratnakumar November 3, 2008, 9:55 pm

    hey Roja,You dirty TDP people gathering people for yuva garjana by offering money to them.Chiranjeevi is a crowd puller.People come to his meeting voluntarily spending their own money.Chiru is the hearts of people.

  • Harshith February 7, 2009, 1:14 am

    Lanjamunda..antu ka chiru anna ne teduthvu ne amma.vusa kara dahna enka oka mata matladavo sasthvu……..

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