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Neetu Chandra walks for Neeta Lulla at Chennai Fashion Week

Chennai International Fashion Week (CIFW) had Neeta Lulla’s designs gracing the ramp on the final day. Actresses Shriya Saran and Neetu Chandra were the showstoppers for the show.


Here are the photos of Neetu Chandra walks for Neeta Lulla at CIFW grand finale.

Neetu-Chandra-at-the-Chennai-International-Fashion-Week-1.jpg Shriya-Saran-at-the-Chennai-International-Fashion-Week-6.jpg Shriya-Saran-at-the-Chennai-International-Fashion-Week-7.jpg Neetu-Chandra-at-the-Chennai-International-Fashion-Week-2.jpg Neetu-Chandra-at-the-Chennai-International-Fashion-WeekCIFW.jpg

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