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Kanika Mehra – Spring and Summer 2010

Designer Kanika Mehra launched her new studio at the Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Lower Parel, with a brand new collection for Spring and Summer 2010. Kanika has been designing beautiful garments for an elite clientele for a couple of years and has established a brand name for herself. This fashion design studio is an extension of the chic style she exudes.


Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-1.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-2.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-3.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-4.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-5.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-6.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-7.jpg Kanika-Mehra-Spring-and-Summer-2010-8.jpg