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Diamonds of Class from Tanishq


Tanishq launched a new range of high-value diamond jewellery titled ‘Diamonds of Class’. Glam models and celebs revealed the sparkly new line in Mumbai.
The new ‘Diamonds of Class’ is now available across these retail outlets. Tanishq has a retail presence in 75 cities through 115 exclusive boutiques.

Tanishq-diamonds-3.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-1.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-2.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-4.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-5.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-6.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-7.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-8.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-9.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-10.jpg

Twins Tupur and Tapur joined other top models at the Tanishq diamond launch

Tanishq-diamonds-11.jpg Tanishq-diamonds-12.jpg