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Designer Jaya Misra – Valentine colelction launch

Jaya Mishra’s Valentine colelction launch by Nayab Udhas and Sheeba.


Channeling her creativity and imagination to applaud the eternal and divine institution of matrimony, Jaya Misra proudly unravels her skillfully crafted bridal couture line “Eternity Poised ”.

Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-1.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-3.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-4.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-5.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-7.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-8.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-9.jpg Jaya-Mishra-Valentine-colelction-launch-by-Nayab-Udhas-and-Sheeba-10.jpg

Weaving a fairytale wedding for the brides this winter, the extravagant collection is essentially elegant, chic, and comfortable. Celebrating novelty in ethnicity, the collection epitomizes luxury while enticing one to cross the threshold of monotonous fashion and enter the realm of bohemian liberty.

About the Designer – Jaya Misra

Celebrating love, reveling in luxury and applauding the freedom of being an independent woman in this modern fast paced world, Jaya Mishra and her creations accentuate this very bohemian freedom and successfully carve a niche for themselves in a world dominated by trends. The harmonious blend of the aforementioned elements, are highlighted in her creations and reflects the attitude and way of life of her patrons. The Jaya Misra label, thus, on one hand is inspired by the traditional motifs and colors while, on the other hand, is unique enough to give every woman her personal style statement.