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Vidya Balan: “Eyeing” Pakistani Kajal‎


Vidya Balan, the quintessential southern beauty when quizzed on her Indian style revealed how she loved wearing ethnic kurtis, jhumkas, and kohl lined eyes.

If there is one thing that no one can deny its Vidya’s much talked about gorgeous eyes!

And we are the first to let you in on the secret– Reveals a source close to the star:

“Vidya calls for her Kajal all the way from Pakistan. Whichever brand you put in front of her she will never touch any other kajal except that particular one, which comes from Pakistan.”

“Luckily for Vidya now the brand is available in Delhi .She keeps getting gifted expensive eye cosmetics, but she refuses to part with her favorite kajal,” adds the source.

There are some things that money just can’t buy and Vidya Balan seems to prove just that.

Now we know how Vidya woos us time and again with her gorgeous eyes.

-Sampurn Media

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