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Priyanka Chopra’s summer style at book launch

Priyanka Chopra shows off her summer style at book launch event.


Veteran scribe Sonal Kalra flew down to Mumbai to launch her book ” a calmer you”, with media in full attendance.

The star guest, Priyanka Chopra was her usual cheerful self, attentive and devoted to the task at hand. As she read out excerpts from the book, it was clear that this was a fun read, with humorous tips on how to handle stress in life, regardless of whichever profession one comes from.


The author herself spoke of these fun-filled tips in her book as a compilation of personal experiences. Shibani Kashyap, Manish Malhotra, restauranteur & close friend AD Singh and Madhur Bhandarkar also made it a point to attend.

Manish readily agreed that Sonal’s tips, though seemingly simple and amazingly effective. Her insights and experiences are situations we can all relate to, and the wise and often hilarious characters—the serene Pappu Singh, the incorrigible Chaddha ji and the indefatigable Bubbly Aunty—peppered throughout the book offer surprising nuggets of wisdom.


The book is made more interesting with illustrations by noted artist Jayanto Banerjee. Madhur Bhandarkar, forever on the prowl for a good story promsied to read the book, as did Shibani.

Priyanka, looking gorgeous in a fresh bouncy hairdo, white top and short pink frilled skirt, stark black nailpaint with a very interesting neckpiece made a fashion statement that every young girl would love to emulate. As she articulately handled all the medis questions, she reiterated that her relationship with the author goes back a long way. Often, its the little things that count, and both PCs observations and the tips in the book , do count.

Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-1.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-2.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-4.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-6.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-7.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-9.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-10.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-12.jpg Priyanka-Chopra-launches-Sonal-Kalras-a-calmer-you-11.jpg