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Maria Goretti’s Shows off her Tattoo


Popular MTV VJ Maria Goretti at the Chivas Studio Spotlight party at Aurus, Juhu, Mumbai. Check out Maria Gorett’s  tattoo at the party. Maria Gorettiwas a popular MTV VJ before marrying actor Arshad Warsi, she hosts a TV show, Do It Sweet on the NDTV Good Times channel

Maria Gorett’s shows her tattoo


popular-MTV-VJ-Maria-Goretti-at-Chivas-Studio-party-2.jpg popular-MTV-VJ-Maria-Goretti-at-Chivas-Studio-party-3.jpg popular-MTV-VJ-Maria-Goretti-at-Chivas-Studio-party-4.jpg popular-MTV-VJ-Maria-Goretti-at-Chivas-Studio-party-5.jpg popular-MTV-VJ-Maria-Goretti-at-Chivas-Studio-party-6.jpg