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Gul Panag and Vidya Malvade at Shop for Change & AND Initiative

Photos of Gul Panag and Vidya Malavde at AND-Shop for Change Initiative. Among others were Neeta Lulla, Tisca Chopra, Nishka Lulla, and Shabana Azmi .


AND and Shop for Change guarantee that the farming families behind the products received a fair deal for their hard work.



Gul-Panag-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative-3.jpg Gul-Panag-and-Vidya-Malavde-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative.jpg Gul-Panag-and-Vidya-Malavde-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative-1.jpg Gul-Panag-and-Vidya-Malavde-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative-2.jpg Vidya-Malavde-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative.jpg Vidya-Malavde-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative-1.jpg Vidya-Malavde-at-AND-Shop-for-Change-Initiative-2.jpg

Shop for Change Fair Trade, a not for profit organization which builds on successful international models of fair trade certification, was established by Traidcraft Exchange (UK) and International Resources for Fairer Trade (India) and is funded by the European Union and Dutch Foundations ICCO and Hivos