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Genelia, Kim Sharma, Mugdha godse, Neha Dhupia at Waves Concert

Checkout the photos of Genelia, kim sharma, mugdha godse , Neha Dhupia at Waves Concert, The organization highlights women’s empowerment. The event was hosted by women for the women! To lend their support actresses, singers, and models all came together to show their support. Check out the pictures of who attended the event and check out their fashion choices.

Genelia at Waves Concert



kim sharma at Waves Concert

kim-sharma-at-Waves-Concert.jpg kim-sharma-at-Waves-Concert-1.jpg

mugdha godse

mugdha-godse-at-waves-concert.jpg mugdha-godse-at-waves-concert-1.jpg

Neha Dhupia at Waves Concert

Neha-Dhupia-at-Waves-Concert.jpg Neha-Dhupia-at-Waves-Concert-1.jpg Waves-concert.jpg Waves-concert-1.jpg Waves-concert-2.jpg Waves-concert-3.jpg Waves-concert-4.jpg