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Director Saran has lodged a complained on Kamal Haasan


Director Saran has made a complaint on Actor Kamal Haasan in Cinema Producers saying that Kamal had received 2 crore rupees as advance to act in a film but he had not acted in his film till date.

Looks like after Vasool Raja MBBS, Kamal agreed to act in a movie produced and directed by his Gemini Productions. Saran paid 2 crore as advance. Due to financial problem, Saran dropped the production plan and he gave the production right to Ayngaran International( Rajini’s Robot to be co-produced by Ayngaran ). Kamal was not satisfied with the change in production plan, so he refused to act in the movie. He accepted to return the money, but he is yet to do so. Saran made the complaint to give his back by kamal Hassan.

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