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Bipasha Basu’s Environment Tips


In her blog actress Bipasha Basu has given us some tips on how we could minimize carbon footprint (Save Our Planet – Together we can!). Take a look.

A carbon footprint is “A measure of the amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) produced by a person, organization or country in a given time”

  1. Switch off lights when not in room.
  2. Do not let the water run when you are brushing your teeth. Turn it off.
  3. Completely shut down your computer when not in use. Keeping it on sleep mode or letting a screen saver play wastes energy.
  4. Ask for e-statements for bills wherever possible. Not only does it minimize wastage of paper, but it also minimizes wastage of fuel required to deliver those bills.
  5. Share magazine subscriptions with a friend, that way less paper is wasted.
  6. Use both sides of the pages whilst printing, and print only the important documents.
  7. Take shorter showers.
  8. If you are a non-vegetarian, aim to spend at least one day of the week without consuming meat. Meat is not only expensive, but it has a lot of health and environmental risks attached to it.
  9. Borrow books from the library and rent movies instead of buying them.
  10. Take your own reusable grocery bag while shopping and say no to plastic bags.
  11. Use fan over A/C. Air conditioners are one of the worst hidden offenders, not only do they use up a lot of electricity but they also emit heavy carbon-laden exhaust.

read more at Bipasha Basu’s blog  http://www.bipashabasunet.com/blog/