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Legendary actress Nirmalamma Dies

Legendary Telugu actress Nirmalamma, who successfully acted in more than 800 films, passed away on Thursday at her residence in Hyderabad. She was 89.

Her important films include Shankarabharam, Yamagola, Padiharella Vayassu, Shubhasankalpam, Apadbandhavudu, Swathimythyam and many more. After acting in Chiranjeevi starrer Sneham Kosam, Nirmalamma almost stopped acting in movies.


The actress, who was suffering from age-related ailments, breathed her last in her sleep, her family members said.

In her film career than spanned nearly five decades, Nirmalamma acted acted in about 800 films, including some in Tamil, this gifted actress got recognition as a natural artist who immortalized hundreds of mother and grandmother characters of all the leading hero.

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