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Genelia D’Souza Could Be Banned

According to reports Nayantara, Trisha and Priyamani faced the same pressure from The Tamilnadu Artistes Association, now it is Genelia. She has been an actress for 5 years, but not the Tamilnadu Artistes’ Association member.

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Actress Genelia D’Souza could be banned from the Tamilnadu Artistes’ Association if she dosen’t become a member. An official letter has been sent to her to become member. Very recently trio Nayantara, Trisha and Priyamani became members very recently. Official letters has been dispatched to many of the Chennai 600028 movie actors who has not become members yet.

Genelia and Imran paired bollywood movie Jaane Tu Na Jaane Na is a super duper hit. She is riding the bollywood success curently.

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