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Sathyaraj Angrily Reacted to Rajini’s Apology

Rajinikanth’s remarks of regret on Thursday over his speech on the Hogenakkal row against the Kannadigas have angered the Tamil Film Industry men.

Tamil Film Artistes Association president Sarath Kumar went on saying that it is a selfish act by Rajinikanth.

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Sathyaraj ventured to say-

I wouldn’t appeal for an apology for I couldn’t see anything wrong in those statements, If I am in Rajini’s position, I would happily compensate my producers and distributors from my own pocket rather than apologise to them. His U turn is a disgrace not just to him but also to his fans.

Director Bharathiraja supported Rajini and said –

Rajnikanth has taken in to consideration the welfare of the film’s producers and distributors.

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  • Madhu August 22, 2008, 3:24 pm

    Rajini is a man of principles and has appologized so that his comments does not hurt anybody. Rajini is a human being and an indian of all the things. Sathyaraj and Sharath Kumar are neither human beings, nor Indians nor Tamilians as simple as that. Tamil partriotism does not lead to anywhere unless you act and do something for the people of tamil nadu before you critize others (Lets make it simple, how updated is your income tax ? Are you helping the country the state by paying the proper taxes ?. Probably they will evade all the taxes and yet would say i love tamil nadu). Sharath Kumar, Vijaykanth and Sathyaraj are just politically motivated and take advantage of the situation they need attention . Public should know that they exist ….. 🙁 thats all.

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