Chiranjeevi’s daughter run away from home and weds lover !!

This is a re-post version of Oct/17/2007 article

Date: October/17/2007

Today Telugu Megastar Chiranjeevi would be the most unlucky father to have known his daughters marriage form news reports.

Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija, 19 (studying Chartered Accountancy) married Sirish Bharadwaj, 22 at Arya Samaj Mandir at Bowenpally against the wishes of her parents and seeked police protection alleging threat from Chiranjeevi’s family.

Today morning, I run away from home and got married to Sirish Bharadwaj. I am 19 years old and he is 22. Since we are majors, we have the right to get married. We got married in Arya Samaj temple today. We have been in love for the past four years and decided to get married this year. We want support from the media and the police because of threats from my family’s side,” said Srija .

Here is the secrete wedding photo

Chiranjeevi?s younger daughter run away from homeSrija Wedding Photo

Here is the Srija photos and Family photo

SrijaChiranjeevi?s daughter SrijaChiranjeevi?s Family

Here is the Chiranjeevi’s Family photo and another family photo in USA

Chiranjeevi family Snap Chiranjeevi?s Family in US

  • Sirish’s father is a lawyer and the boys’ parents too were reportedly not in favour of the alliance.
  • For the last two years, Sirish and Srija had been in touch with NDTV seeking help to get married.
  • The couple is at some secret place now and there are rumors that both of them will meet Chiranjeevi soon.
  • The couple got married in the presence of their friends without the knowledge of elders from either side.
  • Sirish Bharadwaj is an engineering student, belonging to Begumpet.
  • Arya Samaj’s secretary Brihaspati Acharya informed media that they registered their names with them on October 12 and had given all their particulars to the authorities. Arya Samaj also published an invitation card in which it was clearly mentioned Chiranjeevi as her father.
  • Fans and media crowded Chiranjeevi’s residence in city after the news broke out.
  • The security is beefed up at Road No 25, Jubilee Hills Chiranjeevi’s residence , only close relatives, friends are being allowed inside.
  • The groom, Shirish Bhardwaj, is a Brahmin while the girl belongs to the powerful Kapu community.
  • Chiranjeevi is expected to launch a political party soon keeping an eye on the 2009 polls.
  • Chiranjeevi, a member of the powerful Kapu community, which constitutes 8% of the total Andhra electorate and have an influence over 60 assembly seats.

Courtesy : Rediff, NDTV and various media sources.