Sun TV Vs Kalaignar TV – TV battle

kalaignartv.jpg Television viewers in Tamilnadu where shocked on Sunday November 4, when Sun TV and Kalaignar TV played a Tit for tat TV battle.

Here is what happened.

  • On November 4 Sunday morning Sun TV ran a mini scroll that they were going to show the Tamilnadu government award function (which is supposed to be shown on Kalaignar TV on Diwali Day – November 8! )
  • Around 11.30am, as Sun TV started Tamilnadu government award night.
  • After learnign this , In retaliation Kalaignar TV immediately telecasted Vijay?s blockbuster Ghilli ! (Looks like A.M Ratnam producer actually sold Ghilli TV rights to Sun TV)
  • Suddenly by 12.12 pm, Sun TV stopped the award nights programme and switched to Surya’s Nanda movie.
  • At by 12.14 pm (2 mins later) Kalaignar TV stopped Ghilli and started telecasting Rajnikanth classic Bhairavi started.

Is this tom & jerry tit for tat TV battle…? yes of course !!!!