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Shruti Hassan @ Channel UFX launch


Channel UFX is a 24X7 music and lifestyle english music television channel channel for Youngsters from the South.

Talented and beautiful songstress Shruti Hassan, who was accompanied by her band, belted out a few racy English numbers at the launch.

more pictures of Shruti Hassan who performed at Channel UFX launch

Shruti-Hassa-performs-at-Channel-Ufc-launch.jpg Shruti-Hassa-performs-at-Channel-Ufc-launch-2.jpg Shruti-Hassa-performs-at-Channel-Ufc-launch-3.jpg Shruti-Hassa-at-Channel-Ufc-launch.jpg Shruti-Hassa-at-Channel-Ufc-launch-1.jpg Shruti-Hassa-at-Channel-Ufc-launch-2.jpg