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Why Should Rajinikanth Pay for Kuselan Losses ?

Kuselan is in the eye of the storm with theater owners demanding the losses incurred towards the movie’s screening. Rumours that Rajinikanth would compensate of Rs 10 crore has proved to be false.


When Baba floped in 2002 Rajinikanth paid back the distributors their money, as it was produced by his own productions. But in Kuselan situation is different.

Kuselan is produced by G.P Vijayakumar of Seven Arts and Pushpa Kandasamy of Kavithalaya and marketed by Pyramid Saimira. Rajinikanth acted in Kuselan for a salary and from the beginning that he is there in only 25 percent of the movie. He was not responsible for the hype created by the producers and director Vasu.

The movie was only bought at a high rate since director Vasu promised of Rajini’s appearance for the entire duration of the movie.

So why should Rajinikanth alone pay for the loses ?

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  • prax August 22, 2008, 9:54 am

    Yes,he has to compensate the money to distributor,bez he is asked the apology of okenakal issue in the wrong time.firstable we need to remove the superstar title from Mr.Rajinikanth.He’s made shame for tamilnadu people.

  • Basu August 22, 2008, 6:50 pm

    He is a salaried actor in this movie, he is not a producer. Will producers give more money to Rajini if movie is SUPER DUPER HIT ? No, way.. this is producer problem ,, not the Rajini’s

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