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Tamil Diwali release movies final list and censor certification

Here is the Diwali final list of Tamil films, and their censor certification.

Azhagiya Tamil MaganU
VelU ( in Telugu as ‘Deva’)
Kannanmoochi Yenada- U
Machakaran- UA
Pollathavan- A

Here is the list of Telugu Diwali Release movies

Rating system are incorporated by Central Board of Film Certification

# U : Universal (or Unrestricted): A movie which has no objectionable material. A movie which has a rating of U contains no or minor violence and sensuality.
# U/A : Unrestricted with adult accompiament : A movie which contains mild violence, language and sensuality. The movie may contain some material unsuitable for children under 12.
# A : Adults: A movie which contains extreme violence, sexuality, frightening images and language.

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