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“Simran Thirai” – Simran is back

Simran is back, this time on the small screen with Simran Thirai. Simran Thirai is not a serial but a Tele-film with different stories that will be aired from March 3 on Jaya TV, Mon-Fri 8.30 pm.

The series will have a mini serial per month with one story running for a month. The stories are selected from many writers and will be directed by different directors. Simran will handle the protagonist?s role in each story. Every story will have by a different director and technicians to give a distinct cinematic flavour to the programme.

Simran Thirai is produced by Pyramid Saimira. The first two episodes of Simran Thirai will be directed by actress Sri Priya (Vannathupoochi) and director Ahathiyan. Vairamuthu has done the title song lyrics.

Simran said

I started my career from Television by hosting ?Superhit Muqabala? on Doordarshan. Now I am back to the same medium.

Simran looked ravishing at the press meet held in Chennai. Here are the Photos

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