Simbu’ss brother Kuralarasan debut as hero

simbu with TR

(Pic: Simbu with T. Rajender)

The recent times has seen the arrival of siblings in Tamil cimena. Now, Vijaya T. Rajender is launching his second son Kuralarasan as hero in the forthcoming movie ‘Karuppanin Kadhali‘. T. Rajender directs the film and Pyramid Saimira producing it.

Simultaneously, along with ‘Karuppanin Kadhali?, he is directing another movie called ‘Kallori Naatkal? in which TR himself acts as hero. The movie is produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers. Lakshmi Movie Makers produces Silambarasan?s forthcoming movie ‘Silambattam’.

The downside of such a thing is a possible rivalry between the siblings..

Silambarasan with brother Kuralarasan

By | Dec 14, 2007 
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  1. Rasigan December 17, 2007 8:22 pm

    Its quit interesting to tamil people & cinema.. :-)

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