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Rajini Kuselan M&M Choclates in USA!

For the first time ever in the Indian cinema history in USA, American mainstream household popular chocolate company M&M candies is coming up with chocolates with the image of superstar Rajinikanth which will be distributed to Rajini Fans on the premiere show of highly awaited ‘Kuselan‘.

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M&M is a huge household name in the United States when it comes to candy. It is a brand that is synonymous with sweets and is adored by kids as well as adults. M&M candies are similar to Cadbury Gems in India.

Excitement simply grows for the arrival of Kuselan.

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  • a rajini fan July 28, 2008, 6:54 am

    This is good that someone came up with such a different idea. But FYI anyone can buy m&m with their personal messages printed on it by ordering online directly at m&m website .so, m&m didn’t came up with this idea, but a rajini fan did. So considering as a news this is not big, absolutely not thalaivar style.

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