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Namitha unveils Megamart outlet photos

Here is the photo gallery of Actress Namitha unveiling first Megamart outlet store in Chennai photos.
Actress Namitha sizzles at Megamart Inaugartion at Valasarvakkam.
Valasarvakkam mega mart first megamart outlet launched in chennai namitha images …

namitha_megamart14.JPG namitha_megamart10.JPGnamitha_megamart5.JPG

namitha_megamart13.JPG namitha_megamart12.JPGnamitha_megamart11.JPG

namitha_megamart3.JPGnamitha_megamart2.JPGnamitha_megamart1.JPG namitha_megamart4.JPGnamitha_megamart8.JPGnamitha_megamart9.JPG
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