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Nag Ravi gets Nagarjuna’s Don distribution

Nagarjuna DonNag Ravi (former Acress Sheha’s boy friend) – Insight Entertainment Media Limited, is getting into Telugu film distribution in Tamilnadu and had purchased the Telugu superstar Nagarjuna’s Don, releasing on December 20.

Insight had finalized screens like Sathyam, Sangam, Casino, Jayapradha, Mayajaal and another 8-12 theaters in rest of Tamil nadu.

I see huge potential in Telugu films which are becoming huge. We have bought Nagarjun’s Don for the entire Tamilnadu. We are releasing it big. ” said Nag Ravi.

The movie is story of mafia clashes between two groups, one from Mumbai and the other from Hyderabad.
Choreographer and director Lawrence stepped into music direction with this film.

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