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Moscowin kaveri Movie Photo Gallery

Ravi Verman the famous Cinematographer whose has used his excellent camera skills in movies like Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Anniyan and Dasavatharam is venturing as the director with the movie Moscowin Kaveri.

The movie stars new commers Yasodha, Rahul Ravindran and Harshvardhan. Ravi Varman handles the camera. The Music is by S S Thaman, Lyrics by Vairamuthu and Stunts are by Kanal Kannan.

Moscowin Kaveri -Yasodha Rahul Ravindran and Harshvardhan,Moscowin Kaveri Ravi Varman, Moscowin Kaveri, Ravi Varman Moscowin Kaveri, Ravi Varman, Ravi Varman Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Ravi Varman Anniyan and Ravi Varman Dasavatharam

It’s a beautiful love story, shot in Karaikudi, Thiruvavur, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune with soul stirring music by new boy S S Thaman. Water is the underlying theme in the film, according to Ravi Varman.

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Moscowin kaveriMoscowin kaveriMoscowin kaveri

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