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Kamal’s next Movie Thalaivan Irukkiraan

It has been said by Kamal itself, one of the leading method actors of Indian cinema, his next movie is Thalaivan Irukkiraan.


Shruti Hassan, daughter of Kamal is making her debut as a music composer in Thalaivan Irukkiraan, being produced by Rajkamal Films International. Shruti Hassan along with Raghav Sachar launched hindi album “Ho Jaane De” recently.

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  • selvam June 10, 2009, 11:05 am

    ‘Thalaivan Irukiraan’ is a Tamil remake of ‘A Wednesday’, Hindi.
    The Hindi movie dealt with Islamic Terrorism in India, whereas the Tamil version will deal with Tamil Eelam struggle. Kamal plays a character, who sympathizes with the Tamil cause. He is sick of the Indian politicians playing politics with the Srilankan issue that he decides to bomb the city.

    Kamal Hasan is shamelessly milking on the plight of the Srilankan Tamils.
    I wish this man had the courage to stand-up against the genocide in Srilanka.

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