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Kamal Hassan, Gouthami, Akshara Hassan at Rolling Stones Magazine launch


The iconic magazine Rolling Stone has launched its new edition in India last week. Wenner Media LLC has licensed its Rolling Stone brand and content in a deal with MW India Pvt Ltd to launch the magazine in at least 10 major urban markets from Mumbai to Kolkata.

Gouthami , Kamal Hassan, Kamal Hassan?s daughter Akshara hassan and Gouthami ‘s daughter Subhalakshmi were seen at the Rolling Stones Magazine launch? to see Kamal’s daughter Shruthi Haasan’s first live performance.

Kamal Hassan and Gouthami’s friendship go a long time back. Kamal and Gouthami have been quite friendly since their days of working together on the set of ‘Thevar Magan‘ (1992) and had a spectacular onscreen chemistry.

Gouthami, well-known actress, is successfully fighting an intense battle against breast cancer.

kamal_Gouthami_Akshara_Rolling_Stones_Magazine_launch.JPGkamal_gouthami_01.jpgkamal_gouthami_03.jpg Gowthami.jpg kamal_gouthami_02.jpgGautami_with_Shruthi_Akshara.jpg
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