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Indian Star of the year 2007


The ?emperor? of the Indian entertainment world Superstar Rajini Kanth who is 57 years old clearly without any competition wins star of the year 2007. Age cannot wither away the Rajni magic; he still has terrific screen magnetism to attract the youth audiences some of them who were not born when he became a superstar in early 80?s.

Action hero?s worldwide survive more at the top than romantic actors. Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled Hollywood till the age of 60 and the most popular action hero ever Sylvester Stallone at 63 is creating waves in Hollywood– So, Rajini 57 will continue to be the lord of soth Indian cinema.

He began life as a bus conductor, but today Rajnikanth is known as the ?emperor? of the Indian Cinema and one of the most influential actors in the Indian film industry . He was reportedly paid Rs.30 crores (Rs 300 million) for his latest blockbuster Sivaji. (Media reports quotes that Shivaji has collected Rs. 60 crores profit alone to AVM Productions )

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