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Dasavatharam Photo Gallery – Latest


Kamal’s Dasavatharam story begins with an episode set in the 12th century, and then looks at coincidences. In this, Kamal plays Nambi, a staunch Vaishnavite priest.

It is learnt that the characters that Kamal plays in this film are – an American, a Chinese man, a CBI officer from Andhra Pradesh, an old lady, a leader from Afghanistan, a Scheduled Tribes? leader, George Bush, a Punjabi and one character, who looks like Kamal normally does.

Dasavatharam audio will be launched on Friday April 25 at Nehru Indoor stadium in Chennai.

Here is the Kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam Movie Photo Gallery latest


Dasavatharam_Movie_Photo_7.jpg Dasavatharam_Movie_Photo_1.jpg

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