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Shah Rukh patches up with Sunny Deol – 16 Yrs Old Fight


Shah Rukh Khan has patched up with Sunny Deol at a party recently. The two had a fight 16 years ago during the making of Darr. But they have now buried the hatchet, thanks to Subhash Ghai’s intervention.

Shah Rukh had come to the party in the evening and was with Karan Johar while Sunny was with director Neeraj Pathak. Ghai then took Sunny to SRK and reintroduced them to each other. SRK and Sunny then started chatting with each other and Prasoon Joshi joined them.

The actors’ war began when Sunny had a huge issue and stopped talking to Yash Chopra and SRK.

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  • Hassana Saidu October 27, 2009, 2:23 pm

    Why is Shahrukh khan always in war with the other stars in Bollywood. I have concluded that though he is the best of the best, he is worste in character and so, always trying to pick on others

  • Mariama Mohammed October 27, 2009, 2:27 pm

    Always love to talk about the Bachchans and their achievements. For Shahrukh to be in trouble with the Bachchans I dislike him in all aspects. Shahrukh try and be friendly and forget about YOU for once. Thinka bout others and their achievements. Try to be happy for them and see where it will lead you. Stick to this advice and make a better 2010 for your self.

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