A R Rahman compose chiefly in Apple’s Logic Pro

I happen to see an interesting Interview featured as hot news in Apple site, title reads as “ Scoring Slumdog Millionaire with Logic Studio: An Interview with A. R. Rahman.


Logic Studio is a music production suite by Apple Inc. Logic Pro is a Digital Audio Workstation and MIDI sequencer software application for the Mac OS X platform

Here is the A. R. Rahman interview experts with Joe Cellini featured in Apple’s website

Even before it won two Oscars for best score and best song (“Jai Ho), as well as the Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for best score, A. R. Rahman’s soundtrack—written on a Mac in Logic Studio—had registered with any reasonably alert listener during the film’s much-reported rise from Indian-flavored indie longshot to runaway worldwide hit.

To create the “Slumdog Millionaire,” Rahman used a rich palette of logic plug-ins on the live instruments and software instrument tracks, including classic Logic plug-ins like the Autofilter, Overdrive, Compressor, Fuzz Wah, Enveloper, Stereo Delay, Phaser, Ring Shifter and Bit Crusher, as well as the newer flagship Space Designer and Delay Designer to help create the overall sound. Several of the tracks are very simply mixed in Logic Pro with the Logic Adlimiter and Channel EQ on the main outputs.

You compose chiefly in Logic Pro?

Yes, I’ve been working with Logic for almost 12 years. I use it as my writing tool because I can have it on a desktop or on a laptop. I can carry it all over.

Did you use a lot of Logic effects, instruments, and plug-ins for the “Slumdog” soundtrack?

Yes, most of the processing was done with Logic plug-ins actually: Ring Shifter; Multipressor; Space Designer. I also really like EXS24, EVP88, and Sculpture, and I use them a lot.

[full interview at Apple site]

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  1. adaikkalam March 28, 2009 1:18 am

    A.R.rahman sir great of music . He is my role model

  2. Dijiflaxo May 6, 2009 12:25 am

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