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Veerappan: The Untold Story

veerappan the untold story, Ram Gopal Varma to make film on Veerappan Director Ram Gopal Varma is making a film on the life of forest brigand Veerappan based on ?Veerappan: The Untold Story?? book written by the Mysore-based journalist Sunaad Raghuram.

Veerappan: The Untold Story is a riveting portrait of the man who is alternately hailed as messiah and murderer.

Here is the review about the book—-

?The author?s storytelling ability?enriched by 10 years of research?propels the narrative.? ?TIME

?Woven on the lines of a thriller?? ?The Telegraph

?Veerappan: The Untold Story is a comprehensive and well-researched book?[it] is an extremely readable and convincing account of Veerappan?? ?India Today

?It is reportage, history, a sharp criticism subtly gelled into an engrossing account.??The Statesman

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