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Vadivelu Plays For DMK Tunes, says Vijaykanth

Desiya Murpokku Dravidar Kazhagam (DMDK) president Vijaykanth denied the involvement of his party cadre in Sunday’s attack on Vadivelu’s house and office, he alleged that DMK had used comedian actor Vadivelu to make a false case on him.


DMK hates my guts, unable to stomach the raise of the my party, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi is using comedian Vadivelu as a puppet to target him, he said.

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  • asokan October 2, 2008, 11:33 pm

    Vadivelu is not a person to be considered as an opponent to Mr.Vijaykanth and Mr.Karunanithi always plays a cheap politics.Karunanithi doesn’t allow otherthan his own blood and doesn’t believe anybody.He is the person to be thrown out of politics and he has spoiled the TN state.When MGR was there he was not even able to win one time.
    Mr.Vijaykanth should concentrate with his own politics< and he will win the TN people’s confidence.
    Let them destroy his buildings but Karunanithi can’t destroy his confidence with the people.Mr.Vijaykanth should not believe even Congress because they don’t have anymore support from TN.The Coward persons like Chidambaram can run behind them and they are not even able solve their own inter politics.

    Mr.Vijaykanth should stand on with the following points since iam visualising this in the country where iam living.

    1)should concentrate with the village developments

    a)Water harvesting in each village by digging ponds

    b)Every village should have computer centre and anybody can give their complaints and suggestion to the government.
    c)There should be a wing with 10 Senior IAS officers who can directly approach CM to inform about the people’s grievences and they should be highly accessible to the public
    d)Factory and agriculture is tyhe back bone for any country,hence power production by coal and the power cost should be around 3,5 ?nr per Kwh.

    e)Power loss should be minimised by increasing the power factor and it should be 0,99

    f)Municipality should be given with high powers and the corrupted< municipality and MLAs should be sued immediately.

    g)Government hospitals and other departments should be audited by the seperate audit wing and they should directly report to CM and no minister should interfere.

    h)For the elections individuals should spent their money.

    Iam one of Captain’s oldest fan and i met him at Coimbatore when he released the movie NAAN SOOT?YE MALAR.

    I pray god for his all successful carrier and he should avoid castism only.

    Iam working in other country but always his well wisher.


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