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Top 10 World’s Hottest Politicians

Here is the maxim list of top 10 world hottest Politicians. Mara Carfagna of Italy tops the list, while former beauty Queen – US’s VP Candidate Sarah Palin is in the second hot spot and Ruby Dhalla of Canadaian Liberal Party is in the 3rd.


Mara Carfagna is a former model and showgirl and current-day Italian parliamentarian. Ruby Dhalla was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to an immigrant family from Punjab, India.

1. Mara Carfagna, Italy
Position: Member of Chamber of Deputies (Campania 2), Minister for Equal Opportunity

2. Sarah Palin, U.S.A.
Position: Governor of Alaska, GOP VP nominee

3. Ruby Dhalla, Canada
Position: Member of the Canadian House of Commons, Brampton Springdale

4. Nicole Parra, U.S.A.
Position: California State Assemblywoman (30th Assembly District)

5. Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine
Position: Prime Minister of Ukraine

6. Belinda Stronach, Canada
Position: Member of the Canadian House of Commons, Newmarket-Aurora

7. Mary Bono Mack, U.S.A.
Position: Congresswoman, 45th District of California

8. Gretchen Whitmer, U.S.A.
Position: Michigan State Senate, 23rd District

9. Stephanie Herseth, U.S.A.
Position: Congresswoman, South Dakota?s At-Large District

10. S?gol?ne Royal, France
Position: President of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council

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