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Sonia and Shahrukh – 50 Most Powerful People in the World

Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan have been ranked among the 50 most powerful people in the world by the Newsweek magazine. President-elect Barack Obama topped the list while Sonia Gandhi is in 17th spot and Shahrukh Khan in 41st spot.


Image – Shahrukh Khan receives Padmashree Award

Putting Sonia Gandhi at the 17th spot, the Newsweek magazine said: “Although India’s political scene is riven by factions, Congress remains the strongest national force, and the Italian-born widow of late former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi rules it unchallenged. In the world’s largest democracy, she’s queen.”

Putting Shahrukh Khan at the 41st spot, the Newsweek magazine said:

Who is the world’s biggest movie star? Brad? Will? Nah. His name is Shahrukh Khan, and he’s the king of Bollywood. It’s not just that his romantic flicks make gazillions it’s where those gazillions come from.

Here is the full list of 50 most powerful people by Newsweek magazine.

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