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“Slumdog” IT Workers calls Rush Limbaugh

Here is the world reaction about the Controversial US Republican Party ( George W. Bush Party ) radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who called indian IT workers as “slumdogs”.


Rediff : US radio host: Indians are ‘slumdogs’

American talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who fashions himself as the new ‘face’ of the US Republican Party, has been accused of a lot of things: misogynist comments, prejudiced opinion on African Americans, insensitive remarks about the physically disabled and incendiary comments about homosexuals, to name a few.

Now, he’s insulting India

On April 10, while discussing the outsourcing of jobs from America, Limbaugh viciously insulted India and her citizens, inanely referencing the Danny Boyle smash-hit film Slumdog Millionaire to make his point.

“There’s a reason [these jobs] aren’t coming back. They’re outsourced for a reason, an economic reason, and they’re not coming back,” Limbaugh said, while speaking to a caller named Terry from Ohio. “If you’re sitting out waiting for a job that’s now being done by a slumdog in India, and you’re waiting for that job to be cancelled, for the slumdog to be thrown out of work, and you to get the job, it ain’t going to happen. It’s not the way economics works.”

SepiaMutiny – “Slumdog” IT Workers: Rush’s Outsourcing Limbomb

I’m not going to start a letter-writing campaign or a boycott, or anything; there’s no point tilting at this particular “Windbagmill.” But it still needs to be said: Rush, for your information, many of the jobs that have been outsourced in recent years involve high levels of skill and training. The people who do them are not “slumdogs”; they are professionals.

SiliconIndia : Are Indian IT workers ‘slumdogs’?

The utterance did not come in the wake of some frustration on India, as the caller had not referred to India rather it was the RJ who was stuck to the country, which is the grand central of outsourcing. Bollywood composer Aadesh Srivastava had complained some weeks back that he was embarrassed to walk the streets in the U.S. because the people there have started calling Indians as slumdogs.

Controversies and Limbaugh are not new to each other, as the RJ has earlier attacked Obama on his program and has ridiculed actor Michael Fox’s Parkinson’s disease, accusing him of exaggerating the effects of the illness. The man hosts a three-hour daily show and is considered a Republican mascot.

[image via msnbc – Charge against conservative commentator to be dropped after treatment]

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  • fredrick April 16, 2009, 2:24 pm

    mr Rush Limbaugh,,,most americans are lazy..they would need a calculator to do normal arthimetic…so to sum it all u guys either educated
    u dumb kids or leave the job to us—the so called slumdog—anyways u are all talks 🙂 barkin “DOGS” seldom bite—cheers waste of skin and water

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