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Photos – Nettu Chandra at Fusion Bollywood


When it comes to children; Bollywood does go out of its way. So Neetu Chandra drove all the way from her home in the suburbs to Breach Candy to shake a leg with the spastic children; who were performing at Fusion Bollywood’s 4th annual function.


Fusion Bollywood promotes dance as a form of fitness and its Founder Ruchita Mehta is a woman with a conscience.
At Fusion Bollywood, as the name suggests, it’s a fusion of Indian traditional/semi classical to hip hop, jazz and of course a tadka of bollywood music. Age is no criterion here as they train people from the age group of 3 to 73. They also teach kick boxing for flexibility grace style and stamina to perform for stage shows. Rossa Catalano and Rahul Dev; both kick boxing afficonados spoke on the importance of remaining fit thru physical training. AgneloRajesh Athaide; social entrepeneur was there to lend his support to spasti children and asked all entrepreurs to come forward and include the lesser privileged sections of society in their revelry.

Nettu-Chandra-at-Fusion-Bollywood-2.jpg Nettu-Chandra-at-Fusion-Bollywood-3.jpg

Whats heartwarming is that ‘Fusion Bollywood’ takes an inclusive approach to encouraging all children (including disabled kids) to join in the fun. Neetu Chandra appreciated Ruchita’s efforts by saying that “no child should be deprived fun; even if they need a little help to take part. By tying up with the Spastics Society of India in Mumbai, for this event, Ruchita has won all our hearts.”